Monday, September 29, 2003

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Sunday, September 28, 2003

The Montessori Method: Online Book

IT is not my intention to present a treatise on Scientific Pedagogy. The modest design of these incomplete notes is to give the results of an experiment that apparently opens the way for putting into practice those new principles of science which in these last years are tending to revolutionise the work of education. Much has been said in the past decade concerning the tendency of pedagogy, following the footsteps of medicine, to pass beyond the purely speculative stage and base its conclusions on the positive results of experimentation. Physiological and experimental psychology which, from Weber and Fechner to Wundt, has become organised into a new science, seems destined to furnish to the new pedagogy that fundamental preparation which the old-time metaphysical psychology furnished to philosophical pedagogy. Morphological anthropology applied to the physical study of children, is also a strong element in the growth of the new pedagogy. But in spite of all these tendencies, Scientific Pedagogy has never yet been definitely constructed nor defined. It is something vague of which we speak, but which does not, [Page 2] in reality, exist. We might say that it has been, up to the present time, the mere intuition or suggestion of a science which, by the aid of the positive and experimental sciences that have renewed the thought of the nineteenth century, must emerge from the mist and clouds that have surrounded it. For man, who has formed a new world through scientific progress, must himself be prepared and developed through a new pedagogy. But I will not attempt to speak of this more fully here. Read More.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

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Try 150200-150400 khz to listen to AIR overseas service at 10-11 PM

External Services Wavelength Schedule -- All India Radio

General Overseas Services (English)

2245-0045	15145 11745 9705	East and South Asia
2245-0045	13750 9950		North East Asia
1000-1100	17895 15050		North East Asia
1000-1100	17387 15180 15050	Australia and New Zealand
1330-1500	15120 13732		South East Asia
1745-1945	15070 11935		East Africa
1745-1945	11620 9950 7412		U.K. and West Europe
1745-1945	13750 9650		West and North West Africa
2045-2230	15225 11715 9910	Australia and New Zealand
2045-2230 	11620 9950 7412		U.K. West Europe

News Services	(English)

2300-2310	15145 13750 11745 9705	
0030-0040	East, South and North East Asia

1000-1010	17895 17387 15180 15050
1055-1057	North East Asia, Asutralia and New Zealand

1330-1340	15120 13732 9650
1455-1500	South East Asia

1800-1810	15075 13750 11935 11620 9950 7412
1900-1905	East Africa, West Europe, West and North West Africa

2100-2105	15225 11715 11620 9950 9910 7412
2200-2210	West Europe

Saturday, September 20, 2003